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My notes

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Compiled languages vs Interpreted ones explained in 80’s style


A great visualization (also interactive) to show all requests coming to your webserver (reading access log file)


Get notified of important events on mobile - Pushover

Usually the de-facto standard to get notifications about important events from your web applications is email. Emails are not really an ideal tool, but they works (soon I will have a big news about that).

Sometimes you don’t need much information about a specific event, you just want to be notified that it happened. A good example of this case is user’s registration.

Probably you don’t need to know much information about your new user (you have valuable information in your database afterall), you just want to know that someone sign up.

Recently I found (and I started to use) Pushover, it’s a tiny application (available both for IOS and Android) to which you can send all notifications you desire.

Integration is really simple, you have just to do an HTTP request with your notification’s data and you will get almost instantly it on your mobile.

Easy and useful!


If you are looking for a fast way to integrate it in your ruby app, I created a little gist with the class I wrote for it.


Why you should customize your fonts (for web development)

Today it’s very common to use fonts to include icons and small images into web pages. At the beginning everyone was excited by this possibility but not many people thought about cons.

Consider one of the most known font for icons FontAwesome, it contains around 350 icons packed in a easy-to-use font file.

As said, including FontAwesome in your page you have access to over 350 icons whenever you need them but probably you will not use more than some of them on your great site.

Let’s suppose you are using 10 icons, this means you are forcing your users to download 340 icons (still packed in your font file) which will never be used. It’s wrong.

The right approach would be to decide which icons you need and to create a custom font file which contains all-and-only icons you are going to use.

To help you doing this (boring) process,

I have still to try it, but it looks great and it will drive you and your user to a better (and faster) user experience on your website!